Article Title: CSS Typography

Intro: Overview of CSS capabilities to enhance typography


Creating Scannable Text
While the more subtle effects we've examined so far are great, there's more to consider when writing online. People tend to scan rather than read, and that means judicious use of headings, bold, italics, bulleted lists and highlighting can greatly help the readability of your content as well as make it easier for users to scan quickly. The key word here, though, is "judicious." If you bold, italicize, or highlight almost every word, you're actually making it harder to read.
Additionally, with online typography you can't guarantee your visitors will be viewing things at your intended font size. They could easily increase or decrease their desired font size at will and drastically change the composition of your design. This can be both a blessing and a curse depending on your perspective, but it's best to embrace this flexibility and make the most of it. You'll be offering your visitors improved accessibility and taking full advantage of the flexible nature of the Web.

Article Title: BetaNews | Interview: Microsoft Exec Talks IE7, RSS

Intro: All about security and activeX. Nothing on CSS.


GS: The additional functionality is only one half of the equation; the other half is security. The kind of changes required to protect our customers were things we had to change at the core IE platform. Thus, a lot of changes we made -- rewriting entire sections of the code, changing the way ActiveX works with ActiveX Opt-In, and changing the way the security settings worked -- required changes to the core of IE itself.

In addition, the features are things our customers have asked for. There are certain customers that love using the IE add-ons and will keep doing that. And there are many other customers who say we want to use IE, but we want to see some additional features like tabs, better printing, page zooming, integrated RSS, and so forth.

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