Article Title: 7 Quick Wins For High Converting PPC Landing Pages



In paid search, itís one thing to get a click but itís completely something else to get a visitor to convert. To get a high enough ROI to make paid search profitable, practitioners need to be proficient not only in PPC optimization tactics, but also have ninja techniques on how to improve conversions.
Tip #1: Include Privacy Lines
Tip #2: Use Short Forms
Tip #3: Use Relevant Product Images
Tip #4: Incorporate Benefits Into The Various Page Elements
Tip #5: Test Your Copy Above Forms
Tip #6: Try Dual-colored Call To Action Buttons
Tip #7: Test Bigger Buttons

Article Title: The 4 Pillars of a Successful PPC Campaign

Intro: A good article on basics


Every now and then, though, we all need to remember the basics that are the framework behind every successful PPC campaign. And if youíre new to PPC, step away from the AdWords interface now and take a look at these mainstays before you do another thing with PPC.
Pillar 1: Goal Setting
Setting goals is the cornerstone for your PPC campaign. Without clear, measurable goals, your campaign will be built on quicksand.
Pillar 2: Keywords
Much has been written about keyword research.
Pillar 3: Ad Copy
Most keywords will be relevant for a decent number of advertisers; even branded terms often have competitors bidding on them.

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